Premium Courses FAQs

Who can participate?

All health professionals involved in diabetes management and care are eligible to take the course. In particular, health professionals who work in isolated, remote settings and lack access to latest evidence-based education resources.

The course is organised according to the following structure: Oral glucose-lowering agents -why, when, which and how?; Advantages and disadvantages of oral glucose-lowering classes: Fact checking; Management priorities to reduce micro-and macrovascular complications; Individualising treatment options to achieve best outcomes

In order to complete the course and obtain the certificate and 4 European CME credits, you will need to register first to the School webpage. Once you have subscribed, you can start the course by filling out the initial self-evaluation. After that, you can start the online modules. To see your progress after the course, we ask you to complete the final self-evaluation. Finally, once you have given your feedback of the course, you will be able to download your certificate.

To apply, you should go to, click on Register and provide the information asked. Once you are registered, click on Premium Courses, and then on T2DM - Oral Agents Fact Checking. After that, you can start learning.

This online course is supported by an educational grant from Servier and therefore, it is completely free.

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